Auto Dealers Remote Guarding - The Ultimate Video Surveillance & Security Camera Solution in the Dallas- Fort Worth area

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Auto dealerships face unique challenges with security due to the open nature of their business. Very few other businesses have millions of dollars of inventory sitting out in the open for access at any time of the day or night. Add to this fact the National Insurance Crime Bureau lists Dallas-Fort Woth as one of the top 10 US metropolitan areas for auto theft, and it’s enough to keep dealership management awake at night.

Remote guarding and video surveillance from Radius Security can provide auto dealerships peace of mind, knowing that even though your business office is closed, your lots and inventory are still secure.

Remote guarding offers protection against:

  • Vehicle theft
  • Vehicle vandalism
  • Lot vandalism
  • Fuel siphoning
  • Parts theft and fencing, including catalytic converters, tailgates, wheels, and other valuable parts and accessories

By replacing on-site security guards with advanced video monitoring analytic technologies from Radius Security, auto dealerships can save over 40% on security costs each year and realize significant savings on insurance premiums and deductibles. Other benefits can include reduced electrical power costs, as lots require less flood lighting as a crime deterrent.

Remote guarding also offers flexibility and customization on monitoring and alarm responses. Monitoring happens 24/7/365 via our dedicated monitoring center. When alerts happen, our team can Use video to verify intrusion, eliminating false alarms Silently alert police using verified information, resulting in faster response times Engage on-site deterrents like sirens, strobe lights, and audio announcements, providing proactive protection against theft and vandalism.

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The Radius Security remote guarding solution also protects your dealership against changing local laws regarding breaking and entering crime-in-progress verification. Our video monitoring solution, and the ability to verify a "live-on-view" crime in progress moves Radius alarm calls to 1st priority, with faster law enforcement response and a greater chance of apprehension.

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