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Arrests Are the Best Deterrent for Crime

March 28th, 2020 | by Joslyn Alderson | in Security Advice |    19   

One of the key responsibilities of a government is to reduce crime rates in a country. Reducing the occurrence of misconduct can take different forms.

The most common method of dealing with crimes is through punishment and enforcement. The government determines what is illegal and regulates what the penalties will be, whether over speeding, murder, drug trafficking, rape, or anything else.

Different theories of people's safety support these policies of enforcing laws and punishing lawbreakers.

Deterrence is a powerful theory that not only punishes the violators but it discourages other individuals from committing similar crimes.

The three components of deterrence theory include the following:

1. Certainty

This is the likelihood of being caught in the action of the act. The gravity of a severe penalty is not applied if there is no evidence.

2. Celerity

This is the speed of the consequence. A penalty is imposed instantly after a criminal act is more effective at deterrence than one applied after a lengthy delay.

3. Severity

In this stage, the offender must be have a significant punishment in order to outweigh the benefit that came from committing the crime. To avoid the occurrence of another potential crime and to discourage the occurrence of this crime in future, penalties have to have serious (negative) value.

Under the principle of economic deterrence, the crime rate should go down when the value of not committing crimes (like earning good money) is greater than the value (obtained) in committing them.

There is evidence that people who believe in the probability of being punished and arrested are always less likely to do a crime. Arrests are the best kind of deterrent.

The simple act of arrest and probability of arrest is a big deterrent to crime. However, society must balance having effective law enforcement with having an overly large and expensive law enforcement presence.

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