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Can Remote Guarding Help Me Save on Security and Insurance Costs

December 7th, 2019 | by Joslyn Alderson | in |    5   

Remote guarding can definitely help you save on security costs, and it can probably help you save on insurance as well.

Let’s look at security and insurance separately.


Remote guarding with surveillance cameras definitely saves on security costs. If you have remote guarding, the camera feed is being watched 24/7 and the feed is also being stored or saved.

For something equivalent, you would have to hire several security people to walk around your commercial space—continuously. Unless you have several persons standing there unmoving a few feet apart, the security person cannot be everywhere at the same time.

You would have to hire several security people, and they still wouldn’t be watching everything all the time.

Remote guarding is the answer to this problem. Remote guarding is how you can have eyes on everything all the time. Plus you have a recording of everything that was captured by the cameras.

You may still want to have a live person on site, but remote guarding can change the strategy of how and where you deploy security personnel.


Remote guarding with surveillance cameras may reduce your insurance premiums.

Here’s how that works.

In a commercial setting, you normally use a broker for insurance. The broker gets bids from different insurers and you choose who you want to insure your business or premises.

Some insurers will charge less if you have remote guarding in place. So, you can either see that from the bids or you can instruct your broker that you want to find an insurer who will reduce your premiums because of your remotely guarded security system.

It would also be a good idea to talk to your broker about this before the time for insurance renewal.

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