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How can I prevent vandalism in my Seattle car lot?

August 10th, 2018 | by Joslyn Alderson | in Security Advice |    0   

One of the most challenging businesses to own is a car dealership. We all see the obvious problems: maintaining all those cars, instilling trust in your customers, working on a small overhead, and others. But one thing that isn’t as obvious is all the vandalism that occurs.

Car lots seem to be magnets for criminals looking to engage in some petty crime. Some people walk onto a lot and just start breaking windows. Others try to damage other things, like the gearshift or ignition. For thieves, it’s a cornucopia of prizes. You can siphon gas and just steal the whole vehicle. In fact, Seattle is ranked as one of the worst cities in the United States for car theft.

Car VandalsSo what can an auto dealership do to prevent vandalism?

There are some simple things any business can do:

  • Install bright lighting everywhere
  • Remove any structures or trees that might obscure vision
  • Put up a nice, tall fence
  • Secure all the vehicles

But those steps might not be enough. A thief or vandal is going to sneak in at night and probably not worry too much about a fence or bright lights.

Remote guarding from Radius Security is a great way to prevent vandalism. The advanced video monitoring analytic technology used can save the auto dealership money and capture more criminals. Our security monitoring will help reduce insurance costs and let owners sleep better at night.

Instead of being one of those Seattle car lots that are constantly dealing with broken windows and insurance claims, an auto dealership with Radius Security’s remote monitoring will deal with silence. The monitors alert the police before anything happens – as soon as it spots someone entering illegally, they will contact law enforcement.

If you’re ready to improve the security for your auto dealership, contact Radius Security today.  We can help you protect all the valuable cars on your lot.



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