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How Video Surveillance can help Secure an Auto-Dealership in Dallas-Fort Worth

September 9th, 2019 | by Joslyn Alderson | in Security Advice |    0   

Auto-Dealership Video Surveillance in Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas

Auto dealers in Texas know just how important protecting their inventory and investments can be. Auto-dealers can be victims of theft, property damage and other unwanted behaviours, exacerbated with high-value inventory. The best option for Dallas-Fort Worth Security is securing yourself with video surveillance with remote guarding.

Video surveillance has long been a deterrent for would be criminals. The mere presence of these security cameras help to act as a deterrent, keeping out vandals and thieves. However, video surveillance alone is not an infallible system. Often, video surveillance footage is viewed after a crime has taken place, meaning the vandal or thief has already made off.

With this in mind, Remote Guarding is a more recent technology that is a must have for any auto dealership in Texas. Remote Guarding is a combination of video surveillance CCTV systems, modern video analytics and human detection software, and real-time monitoring centres. The instant an intruder is detected on the CCTV system, the monitoring Center is alerted and authorities contacted.

This proactive system means that the video surveillance is no longer for identifying the crime after it takes place, but for notifying and stopping it as it is in progress. Essentially all the advantages of a real life security guard, at a fraction of the cost.

If you own or manage an auto-dealership in Dallas/Fort Worth, considering protecting your valuable assets by investing in Remote Guarding. Your bottom line will thank you.



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