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Is the Federal Shutdown Affecting Seattle Port or Airport?

January 31st, 2019 | by Joslyn Alderson | in News |    0   

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In late December, a partial Federal government shutdown began, potentially disrupting many federal agencies and services. One of the possibly affected branches of government is that of Airport Security and Customs.

From the perspective of the airport traveler, the Seattle security and customers and the Seattle port and airport should be functioning as normal. This is because the Federal Aviation Administration and Transportation Security Administration have previously been deemed essential services. This means that they are considered vital in protecting life and property, and as such, must report to work.

The affect the shutdown will have is on the security employees themselves. With more than 50 000 employees in the TSA, and more than 50 000 in then CBP agents, with over 2000 of these in the Seattle port and airport, there may be a delay in these employees receiving their pay and compensation. In the past, these employees have been paid once the shutdown has ended, but in the meantime, are required to report to work, unpaid.

As a traveler, an important consideration will be that even though these workers are considered essential and required to report to work, there may be an increase of security officers calling in sick, or missing work due to stress as a result of not being paid. This could very well lead to delays, making security and customs lineups longer and a longer progress. As such, travelers should plan accordingly, and arrive even earlier than normal.

Hopefully this shutdown will resolve quickly, and the Seattle port and airport can get back to operating normal, and the Seattle Security officers getting properly compensated.




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