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Is Video Alarm Verification More Efficient Than Traditional System-Dispatched Alarms?

September 9th, 2019 | by Joslyn Alderson | in Alarm Systems |    2   

 There is absolutely no doubt that video alarm verification is more efficient than traditional system-dispatched alarms.

Video Alarm Verification vs. Traditional System-Dispatched Alarms

Here are all the reasons why:

1. With a traditional system-dispatched alarm, if an alarm goes off, no one knows if the alarm is real or a false alarm without going over to the premises and checking it out. With video alarms, there are eyes on the video feed 24/7, so our employees know immediately if there is a real alarm.

2. Police will generally not respond until an alarm is verified. Video alarm verification is rapid, which allows for a rapid police response.

3. With a traditional system-dispatched alarm, the person or persons breaking in usually have loads of time to get away. Video alarm verification allows many more of these people to be caught because the police response is so much faster.

4. When a person breaking the law is caught, that person is often responsible for several similar crimes. So, rapid police response and capturing the criminal has the ripple effect of lowering the overall area crime rate.

5. Because of the rapid police response to video alarms, visible video equipment also functions as a deterrent to would-be criminals.

6. Video alarm verification has the added benefit of making it safer for responding law enforcement because we are able to relay real-time information to the responding officers, and they have a better idea what to expect at the premises when they arrive.

Today, remote guarding with video surveillance is definitely the way to go to protect your assets.

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