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Keep Your Car Lot Protected Through the Holidays

December 9th, 2018 | by Joslyn Alderson | in Security Advice |    0   


Parking lots around the city are busy and jam packed during the holiday season. Keeping your parking lot security in top shape during the busy Christmas season is especially important – help to keep your parking lot and your patrons safe this holiday season with these considerations for security.

Video Surveillance

Many consumers will agree that security of their car in a parking lot outweighs convenience of location when deciding where to park. Well-placed and visible security cameras are one of the top methods of deterring crime in a parking lot, adding a video surveillance system to your parking lot provides a sense of security to customers and employees.

Proper Lighting

As the days get shorter this time of year, be sure that your parking lot is properly lit. This will ensure a sense of security to your patrons and will also deter petty theft. As an additional benefit, proper lighting will also enhance any security footage you may need to review.


A sense of pride in your parking lot will deter thieves as it will give off the impression that there is frequently someone around who is caring over the property. Remove graffiti as soon as possible, and keep garbage cleaned up and out of the way. Any landscaping features throughout the parking lot should not work as hiding places for potential criminals. Additionally, place signs around the property reminding customers not to leave valuables in their vehicles and noting that the property is under surveillance – these signs can help to deter criminals from hanging around in the area.

Parking lots are busy places during the holiday season. Keep your customers and your staff safe during this time of year by deterring crime using the above security tips.



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