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Nighttime Security for an Oil and Gas Outfit

September 9th, 2019 | by Joslyn Alderson | in Security Advice |    1   

Nighttime Security for Gas and Oil

Most vandalism and burglary happens at nighttime, when sites are empty, and dark provides an excellent cover. For oil and gas outfits in Dallas-Fort Worth, you will want to enhance your nighttime security and protect your site. Video surveillance is an excellent way to increase security, as it:

- Deters Criminals

- Allows for Monitoring

- Provides a Record

Detering Criminals

Security Cameras are present in some many locations because they work. The number one benefit of video surveillance is the presence of the camera. When a would be intruder sees that a place is protected with surveillance, they are far more hesitant to want to target it, instead looking for a less secure site.

Allows For Monitoring

Modern security systems are now more than just cameras and tapes. New systems are networked and connected to the cloud. This means storage and playback of recordings is simple and can be done from almost any internet enabled device. Remote monitoring also allows setup for users to receive notifications should movement, sound, or even human faces be detected during programmed hours. This means you will always know that your oil and gas outfit is secure.

Provides a Record

Building on data being remotely stored, with security systems you have a surveillance record that can be accessed days, weeks or even months later. This can be very valuable in not only nighttime security against intruders, but also in protecting and securing against employees or other possible transgressions. Having a video record is a valuable asset.

With some many reasons of how video surveillance improves nighttime security, it’s no wonder why more and more businesses are installing security systems. If you have yet to add one for your Dallas-Fort Worth oil and gas outfif, don’t delay any longer. 



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