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Protecting On-Site Equipment with Remote Video Surveillance

December 23rd, 2018 | by Joslyn Alderson | in Security Advice |    0   

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Advances in remote video surveillance technology has made protecting on-site equipment not only more accessible, but easier then ever. There are several methods of protecting on-site equipment, including:

-        Video Monitoring

-        Remote Guarding

-        Video Alarm Verification

While video monitoring is not a new thing, many upgrades in this technology have provided a simpler and more secure system. New video equipment is high definition, giving the resolution that makes images clear and precise. Also, gone are the days of requiring large cassettes or hard drives. Now, video can be safely and securely stored to the cloud. In addition, users have access to use a smart phone or other wifi enabled device to securely access this video, from any where. Some systems also provide flexibility to notify when motion, sound, or other anomaly is detected, and provided instant, real-time updates.

Remote guarding takes this one step further and gives users a proactive security system that involves monitoring centers and security agents that monitor and watch the video cameras. These services watch for potential threats, and when detected in real-time can instantly dispatch a security office to analyze the situation and take immediate action, thus mitigating the threat and further protecting on-site equipment. This is referred to as video alarm verification, which can drastically increase the response time of police and other law enforcement.

Each method provides their own benefits, but when combined, all of these work together to create the ultimate security system. No more alarms that are ignored, or video that is accessed too late, or hard to see. Protect your valuable on-site equipment with the latest security technologies.



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