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What are the advantages of Video Alarm Verification?

August 27th, 2018 | by Joslyn Alderson | in Security Advice |    0   

The best way to ensure that your property is protected effectively is with the use of a Video Alarm Verification system that monitors your site and catches criminals in the act. Installing cameras just isn’t enough to keep things safe and allow the police to do their jobs.

With traditional, unmonitored systems, the cameras are simply there to act as a deterrent. Any experienced burglar will know that, even with cameras in place, the chances of them getting caught and arrested are slim to none. If they are clever enough to hide their faces, the chances get even smaller.

But with a video monitoring system, there is an operator watching over your property 24/7/365. These operators respond to every single alarm notification and immediately begin using their skills to determine what the appropriate cause of action is. False alarms drop from 95-99% to 15% because they can access the situation and respond correctly.

Video Alarm VerificationPolice response is also quicker and more effective with video alarm verification. The operator sees what’s going on and contacts the appropriate emergency personnel as soon as they’ve confirmed the alarm. The police arrive in 5 minutes (instead of 20), providing a better chance of actually stopping and catching the thief. Arrests go up fifty percent and that burglar isn’t coming back any time soon.

Also consider the time wasted with a traditional alarm system. If the business owners hits the wrong button, or forgets to turn off the system, the police could end up at the business when there are no problems at all. Or a fallen tree could set an alarm and no response is needed. Video monitoring is more efficient and effective.

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