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What Does the New Dallas 2020 Crime-Fighting Plan Mean for You?

February 10th, 2020 | by Joslyn Alderson | in News |    0   

In early January, 2020, the Dallas police chief publicly released a new, 2020 crime-fighting plan because 2019 had been the most violent year in Dallas in over 10 years.

The new crime-fighting plan for 2020 is a critical strategy, and whether it's implemented appropriately remains to be seen. The plan drew support from some and criticism from others because the plan appears to concentrate efforts in certain areas of Dallas. 

Some of the criticism was that the plan was not far-reaching enough--that the police should aim higher than their goal of a 10 percent reduction in violent crime.

So, how will this plan to fight violent crime affect you?

It depends on where you live in Dallas. If you live in one of the areas that the police force is concentrating on, then perhaps you will feel safer. Perhaps you will be safer.

If you live in an area that the police force is not concentrating on, then maybe you will feel under-represented or left out. Although, the areas not being concentrated on were likely lower crime areas to begin with.

The citizens should have the right to hold community safety partnerships and to feel empowered in reclaiming their communities. This shift must be accompanied by an overdue and new focus on acute and organized crime at the national level. The citizens will judge the success of the crime rate falling in a year or two when statistics are published and if the crimes have decreased.

Local Accountability

The core approach to crime-fighting is police reform. The machinery of targets, initiatives, and performance management should clearly aim to lessen the crime rate in a given area. Crime commissioners and police must execute their duties with real powers in order to make a difference.

Increased Transparency

The provision of crime data in local communities needs to be investigated. The right information on what is going on in different areas must be researched accurately so that the police can do their job and there is some statistical accountability.

The mission statement of every police should be to cut crime. Preventing crime will lower the crime rate, but preventing crime cannot be achieved by targeting those criminals who have committed crimes. The prevention of crime will be achieved by preventing the joblessness, discrimination, and despair that plague society in some areas.

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