Outdoor Assets Security in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas

Get the most comprehensive and cost-efficient outdoor video surveillance with remote guarding from Radius Security.

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Outdoor assets and open perimeter outdoor locations are difficult to secure. But Radius Security as outdoor asset protection solutions that can make sure your investments are protected from damage and theft, and that outdoor locations remain safe, functional spaces.

If you find yourself: In need of security personnel… Concerned about the expense, training, quality, and effectiveness of security guards… Plagued by theft, vandalism, or unwanted after-hours activity at your outdoor location.

Radius Security can help.

Unlike standard security cameras, our remote guarding outdoor video surveillance system utilizes a proprietary video analytics algorithm to distinguish between possible threats and typical environmental factors like wildlife or weather conditions.

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Applications include a number of high-value outdoor assets or business security functions:

  • Marinas and boat landings
  • Construction sites
  • Lumber yards
  • Cement and other factories
  • Pumping companies
  • Powerline/electrical companies
  • Heavy machinery locations
  • Equipment rental facilities
  • Farm machinery locations
  • RV parks – sales and service locations
  • Automotive repair shops
  • Auto body shops
  • Embassies and consulates

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