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Remote guarding with Radius Security gives you the benefit of live security guarding without the hassle, complication, and expense of staff. Functioning like a virtual security patrol, remote guarding uses technology to monitor and secure your premise, supported by a 24/7/365 live monitoring center located right here in the Pacific Northwest. 

Why remote guarding?

  • Continuous
    Video analytics software tracks multiple video feeds in real-time, giving your site more coverage than a one or two person security detail.
  • Intelligent
    Analytics software evaluates real-time incoming video against a memory bank of over 50,000 objects and images, looking for suspicious activity or items Robust filtering algorithms remove environmental non-threats like wildlife, weather and outdoor conditions, so only real issues trigger alerts.
  • Immediate
    Security alerts are instantly assessed and validated by our live monitoring staff, who respond immediately with the appropriate action.
    Priority 1 law enforcement response if activities are determined to be a live-on-view crime in progress.
  • Responsive
    Response mechanisms are pre-determined with client feedback, meaning alerts can transfer into silent calls to police or other authorities, or they can trigger on-site sirens, strobe lights, or live site audio capabilities to direct intruders to verify themselves or risk police response during the site’s non-standard operating hours.
  • Cost-Effective
    Video surveillance costs far less in time and money than insurance claim recoveries, high deductibles or blanket exclusion policies.

Most clients agree the biggest benefits remote guarding offers are flexibility and cost-efficiency. Remote guarding provides a range of services and applications without the high cost of traditional live security details. Key applications include:

  • Theft
    • Secure high-value items like outdoor equipment, or vehicles.
    • Monitor inventory space for employee or third party theft
    • Prevent component theft, like copper wire theft, at work sites, new construction, or utility locations
  • Vandalism
    • Guard against damaged equipment, lost production, or project delays caused by recklessness
    • Protect your high-value assets in outdoor areas
  • Perimeter Intrusion
    • Detect motion and intrusion within a secured perimeter area before intruders can cause harm or damage
    • Curb dumpster diving or illegal dumping at your location. 

The solution to repeat crime on your sites is to catch bad guys, Redhanded™. Check out our Youtube channel to see the arrest of the week! 

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