Video Monitoring

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Video monitoring catches criminals. Radius Security’s state-of-the-art monitoring station is staffed 24/7/365 with dedicated professionals who verify alarm notifications from clients’ security cameras and take action immediately. Verification means fewer false alarms, prompting law enforcement to give our calls higher priority.

With video alarm verification, versus traditional system-dispatched alarms,

  • False alarms drop from 95 to 99% to 15% (sometimes authorized personnel set off alarms without letting us know they are there).
  • Police respond faster: less than 5 minutes vs 20 minutes (average)
  • Arrests go up to 50%
  • Intruder apprehensions go up 1000X
“The arrest of one burglar can clear 25-30 offenses, so if law enforcement is effective in catching this person in the act…the court process is very abbreviated.”

- Fred Lohmann, Director of the National Insurance Crime Bureau
"Kari, Kim and the team at Radius Security has been very helpful, flexible and reliable. Our install was completed ahead of schedule with zero complaints about a few bumps in the road and changes on the fly. Lorne provided online training of the camera and security system, which is a time and cost saver. Our store is located in another city and the system gives us peace of mind. Highly recommending Radius for security needs." 

- Monica, Director Store Development, WCCS
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