Construction Site Remote Guarding Solution - The Ultimate Video Surveillance & Security Camera Solution in the Dallas- Ft. Worth area

Outdoor doesn’t have to mean unguarded, reduce your construction security costs by an average of 40% with Remote Guarding. 

Paul the Project Manager thought he could save his company some money by removing security from the budget. Sound familiar? Watch what happens in this 1-minute video: 


With stockpiles of supplies, large perimeter sizes, job site openness, and frequent entries and exits, construction site monitoring is not always an easy task. Trade association guidelines for risk management in construction suggest project managers plan for theft and damage losses between 1% and 2% of the cost of the project. Construction security concerns include:

  • Site break-ins
  • Site vandalism
  • Employee theft
  • Copper wire and other metal and component theft
  • Construction equipment access and damage

Guards and fences are good solutions, but even these can be avoided or overcome by a determined thief or vandal. With Radius Security’s advanced remote video monitoring service and surveillance technologies, your job site’s security just became one less thing to worry about.

Unlike static construction site cameras or on-site security guards, Radius Security’s remote guarding unit uses sophisticated technologies to guard your job site and constantly evaluate potential security threats. This advanced smart technology:

  • Filters out motion caused by wildlife, weather, or other outdoor conditions
  • Tracks entry and exit of any persons entering your job site, and alerts Radius operators, who respond immediately
  • Uses algorithmic video analytics to compare current incoming video surveillance to a memory bank of over 50,000 objects – in a continual, 24/7/365 analysis when armed

Responses are customizable, and include:

  • Operator-initiated police alarms (silent)
  • Operator-initiated on-site deterrents, like sirens, strobe lights, and live talk-down
  • Remote, camera-assisted operator patrols
  • Remote, smart device-based client access from anywhere in the world

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The benefits to remote guarding are both in security and bottom line savings. Radius Security’s remote guarding can:

  • Reduce your construction security costs by an average of 40%
  • Reduce theft and loss of assets, and the associated production downtime or delays
  • Enable safety compliance monitoring by construction safety officers
  • Eliminate false alarms, resulting in faster police response
  • Avoid insurance claims and paperwork
  • Apprehend criminals and deter future criminal activity
  • Manage projects with 24/7/365 smart device video access

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